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Research Consultation

The NMR Facility employs staff with expertise in a wide range of NMR related areas of research. If you would like to take advantage of NMR in your research, but are unsure how best to do so, our staff are available for consultation or collaboration. To schedule a consultation, please contact the NMR Facility Director, Dr. Patrick Reardon.

Service Samples

For researchers who just want to get NMR data, but are not interested in running the samples themselves, NMR Facility staff are available to setup experiments and collect data. Whether you are an academic or industrial user, options for collaboration or fee-for-service data acquisition are available. Please contact Dr. Patrick Reardon for additional information about our services.


Instrument Access

For expert users that want to analyze their own samples, our instruments are available for independent use. After appropriate training, users can use the walk-up instruments (700, 500, and both 400’s) by simply reserving time on a reservation calendar. Users interested in operating the 800 MHz NMR spectrometer should contact the NMR Facility Director to discuss research needs, goals and required training. Instrument time on the 800 is scheduled via a time request form, available here.

Protein Production Services

The OSU NMR Facility has partnered with the OSU Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics to offer protein production services. Do you have a protein that you would like to study with NMR spectroscopy, but don't have the expertise to express, stable isotope label and purify the protein? Our protein production services will help you get the results you need. Whether you have already characterized expression and just need stable isotope labeling, or you are starting out from only a gene, our skilled experts can help. We offer E. coli based expression and stable isotope labeling of proteins. Contact Dr. Patrick Reardon for more information about these services.

Analytical Ultracentrifugation Services

We offer sedimentation velocity and sedimentation equilibirum analsyis using a Beckman Optima XL-A. Analytical ultracentrifugation is widely considered the gold standard for determining the molecular weight, hydrodynamic properties, and equilibrium thermodynamic properties of a protein, macromolecular complex, or other particle in solution. It is particularly valuable for characterizing the stoichiometry and association constants for macromolecular interactions, including self-association as well as associations between different macromolecules. Contact Dr. Patrick Reardon for more information about these services.