NMR Facility Staff

Patrick N. Reardon, Ph.D., NMR Facility Director

Patrick Reardon received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Duke University in 2011, where he focused his thesis on NMR spectroscopy and its application to complex biological systems, including In-Cell NMR and structural studies of multimeric membrane bound proteins.  After completing his Ph.D., he received the prestigious William Wiley Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory located at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash.  As a Post-Doctoral fellow, Patrick applied and expanded his knowledge of NMR spectroscopy and biochemistry, working in a wide range of research areas including structural biology, metabolomics, metabolic flux analysis, and soil science. 

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Stephen D. Huhn, Small Molecule and Natural Products NMR Facility Manager

Stephen Huhn started his career with Nabisco working in the Fundamental Science group, initially performing all manner of instrumental analysis and eventually working in solid sate NMR and QM/MM modeling running Gaussian and CHARMM.  He then moved to Unilever, again running ssNMR and structural analysis of natural products.  After finishing an extended BS Chemistry from Ramapo College, Stephen then moved to work for Bruker Instruments as an NMR Applications Scientist in the Billerica Applications Lab, specializing in HRMAS, Flow, Diffusion,  Metabolomics  and micro probes.  Wyeth Pharmaceutical was next, working in support of Med Chem Discovery in the open access NMR lab with emphasis on structural confirmation via NMR, Metbolomics and Flow.  When the opportunity came to work for Genentech it was off to South City to create an integrated NMR facility in Small Molecule Med Chem Discovery. Structural Analysis and Computer Aided structure verification being the focus.  Seeking a more provincial life he left the Bay Area for his current position at Oregon State University as the Small Molecule and Natural Products NMR Facility Manager.