We also offer NMR data collection services and full structure elucidation in addition to self-service options for users who want to run their own NMR experiments. We offer flexible pricing and options to accommodate your project and needs. For example, if you need routine 1D proton NMR, no data analysis and are not sample limited, we offer a flat rate service option of $25 per sample. If you need a more complete set of data for small molecule characterization, then our 700 MHz Spectrometer is an effective option since it is well-suited for small molecule structure elucidation and analysis.

Equipped with a direct observe 13C cryoprobe, this spectrometer can collect a high quality INADEQUATE spectrum on 2M menthol in ~3 hours, at natural abundance. In addition, the standard suite of structure elucidation experiments (1D 1H, 1D 13C, 2D NOESY, 2D COSY, 2D HSQC, and 2D HMBC) can be acquired in less than one hour of acquisition time on a ~19mg/ml sample of strychnine.  That translates to about $150 in instrument time to collect the data for all six spectra. 

Finally, we offer full structure elucidation services with hourly rates for instrument and staff time.  If you are considering using the NMR services and instrumentation, contact us for a consultation.  Sample data collected on our 700 MHz spectrometer is available here.




OSU NMR Facility Industry Service Rates for Small Molecule Analysis

Service Day Night (setup and run by user)
Flat Rate Routine NMR $25 N/A
400 MHz hourly rate $125 $31
500 MHz hourly rate $125 $31
700 MHz hourly rate $150 $38
800 MHz hourly rate (limited availability) $123 $123 (not available for self service access)
Facility Staff Time $75 N/A


Prices subject to change without notice, please refer to the OSU Fee book for updated prices.

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