TitleSecond-Generation Synthesis of the Northern Fragment of Mandelalide A: Role of π-Stacking on Sharpless Dihydroxylation of -Enynes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGhosh A, Brueckner AC, Cheong PHa-Yeon, Carter RG
JournalJ Org Chem
Date Published2019 07 19

The development of a π-stacking-based approach for increased stereoselectivity in Sharpless asymmetric and diastereomeric dihydroxylation of -enynes is disclosed. The use of neighboring, electron-rich benzoate esters proved key to the success of this process. Density functional theory study suggests that the substrate benzoate ester group rigidifies the dihydroxylation transition states by forming a favorable π-stacking interaction in both and . The energetic preference for the was found in part because of the favorable eclipsing conformation of the alkene substituent as opposed to the disfavored bisecting conformation found in the . The application to a second-generation synthesis of the C15-C24 northern portion of mandelalide A is demonstrated.

Alternate JournalJ Org Chem
PubMed ID31264876