All Oregon State University based users can access the NMR spectrometers using their ONID login credentials.   The data is automatically backed up every ~30 minutes to the Windows share. The share can be accessed using either smb or sftp protocols.  Users can access this share to download their data.

Generally, extensive data processing should not be conducted on the spectrometer computers.  You must make a local copy of your data for it to be viewed within Topspin.  Make a data directory in your home directory and place the data there. Use the "add a new data directory" function within the Topspin browser and then you can view your previously acquired data. Remember to back up your processed data on your own machine.  Only the raw data from the acquisition computer is stored on the Windows share. 

All data that was acquired before 2/1/2015 will be in the pre2015 directory on the Robinson, Diels and Scheuer systems. The pre2015 data directory for Buchi includes data acquired before  2/6/15. Our data path is /opt/osu/* with chemistry, biochem, pharmacy, intbio and other  as the college identifier . The other directory contains users from departments not otherwise represented .  All data must be acquired in the aforementioned path or it will not be copied to the server

If you have trouble locating your data the NMR staff can help. To the best of our knowledge, no data has been deleted. If you need assistance locating data bring as much information as you have, i.e. user name, NMR System, data path. None of those identifiers were standardized prior to Oct 2014 so the location of your data may be unique.

The Topspin software is available to academic users free of charge for desktop processing. On the server there is an install  directory. Copy the entire 4,2 GB image to your computer and then install the platform appropriate version. There are Mac, Windows and Linux variants within the image.  If you need help setting up Topspin open a ticket with COSINE requesting help.  They have a protocol that any of the support staff can guide you through

NMR Server Data Locations

Depending on which protocol you use to connect, the data paths vary.

Organization SMB Path SFTP Path
OSU /nmrdata /nmrdata/osu
U of O /uo /nmrdata/uo
HP /hp /nmrdata/hp
Inpria /inpria /nmrdata/inpria
Sarepta /sarepta /nmrdata/sarepta
Valliscor /valliscor /nmrdata/valliscor

Connecting from Windows using SMB

  • Look up your SMB path in the table above and insert it into the command below
  • Press Windows key-R
  • \\\SMB_PATH
  • If you are on an OSU computer, you may be automatically logged in, otherwise use the following information:
    • Username: ONID\onidusername
    • Password: ONID password

Connecting from Mac using SMB

  • Look up your SMB path in the table above and insert it into the command below
  • Press Command-K (or Go > Connect to Server)
  • smb://
  • Select Registered User
  • Name: ONID\onidusername
  • Password: ONID password

Connecting from Windows/MAC using SFTP

FileZilla is easy to use and cross-platform, however any SFTP client will work.

  • Download and Install FileZilla (
  • Launch FileZilla
  • Enter the following information
    • Host:
    • Username: ONID Username
    • Password: Your ONID Password
    • Port: 22
    • Click QuickConnect
  • After connecting, enter the SFTP_PATH from the table above into the Remote site: field
  • Navigate to the appropriate Spectrometer directory and drag/drop files to the Local site pane

If you need help mapping the network drive to your desktop, contact the CoSINe Helpdesk and they will help you get it correctly set up