TitleHydrolysis and Condensation of -BuSnCl: Enabling Deposition of Smooth Metal Oxide Photoresist Thin Films.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsKenane N, Grove MA, Perkins CK, Reynolds TR, Cheong PHa-Yeon, Keszler DA
JournalInorg Chem
Date Published2020 Mar 16

Herein, we report hydrolysis and condensation chemistries of CHSnCl to molecular clusters and gel films. Precursor speciation plays a key role in film formation and quality toward realization of atomically smooth surfaces. Density functional theory investigations of CHSnCl and its reactions show that hydrolysis of the dimer (CHSn)(OH)Cl(HO) has a high energetic penalty in the gas phase and when using a polarizable continuum solvation model based on density. These computations support our observed stability of the dimeric cluster in air, in various solvents, and through initial film deposition. It hydrolyzes and condenses to the [(CHSn)O(OH)] dodecamer on-chip after a post film-deposition bake at 80 °C. Consequently, film surface smoothness is uniquely retained through on-wafer condensation.

Alternate JournalInorg Chem
PubMed ID32105458