Many of the NMR spectrometers in the OSU NMR Facility have Broadband (BBO) tunable probes available.  These probes are capable of tuning from 109Ag to 31P, enabling NMR on wide range of nuclei.  These probes have enabled direct analysis of nuclei such as 29Si, 119Sn and 183W.  In the case of 183W, we can improve sensitivity (with sufficient sample volume) using our 10 mm BBO probe availabe at 400 MHz.  31P NMR is used in the analysis of environmental samples, such as waste water, to detect a range of phosphorous compounds and estimate their relative concentrations.  19F NMR is seeing increased use in drug discovery, especially in conjunction with library screening methods for fragment based drug design, such as saturation transfer difference NMR.  Our 800 MHz spectrometer is capable of tuning the proton coil to 19F, enabling high sensitivity 19F NMR.  The single scan spec sensitivity for 19F on the 800 MHz spectrometer is greater than 5500:1 on the 0.05% trifluorotoluene standard. 


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