OSU NMR Facility Metabolomics Services

The OSU NMR Facility is now offering routine quantitative metabolomics analysis to our industry users.  We offer flat rate data collection using parameters optomized for analysis with the Chenomx Software Suite.  Users can either obtain their own Chenomx software license for data analysis or contact Chenomx for contract data analysis services.  For those with more complex metabolomics projects we can provide consultation, instrument time and additional analysis for an hourly fee.  For more information or to setup metabolomics analysis, contact the NMR Facility Director Dr. Patrick Reardon.


Example spectrum of a sample derived from a cell culture sample containing ~7 million mammalian cells.  The sample was prepared in 200 ul and analyzed in a 3mm NMR tube.  The data were collected using the parameters for HS Metabolomics.  Chenomx analysis identified ~40 metabolites with concentrations ranging from 3.6 uM to 2.7 mM.

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